Wednesday 12 March 2014

Thrills in Shillong

A slice of thrill in Shillong: Amandeep Sandhu's review in The New Indian Express:

"The best part of Ankush Saikia’s The Girl From Nongrim Hills is its pace. By the last one third of the novel the reader is hurtling down the lanes and bylanes of Shillong, climbing up hills and reaching the outskirts of the city, as layer after layer of the story unravels to create a tight, textured and nuanced plot."

Sunday 15 December 2013

Northeast noir

Northeast noir

[Rainy, misty, hill-circled Shillong, "Scotland of the East", former capital of undivided Assam, now of Meghalaya — this elegant remnant from British India, plays a lead role in Assam-born writer Ankush Saikia’s third book, The Girl from Nongrim Hills.] Review in the Deccan Herald's books section.